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Montreal and Laval website creation

More and more local businesses are getting onto the World Wide Web and that’s creating a lot of opportunity for local Montreal website creation and blogs for Montreal and Laval.

That’s us…and over the 13 years we’ve been serving the local communities of Montreal, Laval largest suburb we’ve become well establish as a web agency and Internet Marketing that combines big-town expertise with small-town, friendly, personalized service.

There’s a lot that goes into creating a website that both looks good and does the job.  Most customers actually want both but; in fact, a website doesn’t actually have to look good to be functional.
But that’s our website  really shine because they not only look good but they’re also are very effective at pulling views and sales conversions for their owners.

That’s right, we actually give our customers the best of both worlds…..websites creation by Montreal website not only look great but they also pull traffic.  The professional’s website designers and computer graphic artists on our staff are trained and experienced in all the latest techniques and best practices.

Because Montreal has so much local tradition and flavor, many of our website customers want to incorporate some of that local color into their sites.  We’re happy to help them do that because we know our community has so much to offer both culturally and professionally we are creatively minded.

It can actually project many different kinds of images….professional, country, soft and soothing, trendy, young-at-heart or mature.  We always try to match the image of your website .with the image you want to portray for your company in our creation.
We spend a lot of time consulting with our customers….finding out both what they want their site to do and also educating them about what can be done.  Very often new customers are pleasantly surprised to find out that we can do many things in addition to web creation.  Things such as …set up forums, Google Adsense, Facebook Fan Pages, Twitter accounts, auto responders, article marketing…….and other tools designed to attract more viewers and keep them longer.

We’re a local company but we don’t just serve local customers in our website creation.  In fact we’ve helped several out-of-town customers set up attractive and effective web presence in our area…Laval, Montreal.

We’ve been called ‘the local company with international connections’ because the service we provides opens doors to commerce and social traffic between our local attractions and businesses and the great outside world of the internet website creation.  We like living in our beautiful suburb of Laval, Montreal’s largest, but we’re also happy to help so many businesses by creating and designing websites that are seen around the world.

Take a look though our gallery of past websites here and then give us a call.  We’re always happy, no obligation, to discuss your needs and how we can use our years of web creation skills to assist you.
Thank You

Take advantage of our blog and Montreal website creation today.  Call Richard at: 514-907-4731

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